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Our Member Site

Our Member Site provides a forum where members can discuss things related to Sikal and martial arts in general. The discussions range from technical to philosophical and can provide a lot of insight. The Gurus - who regularly post there - represent nearly two centuries of combined martial arts experience. This provides a great resource for people. The discussions are always insightful - and fun.

You will also find videos and articles related to Sikal and martial arts in general. These provide very useful training tips and reference to material as well as a look into the mindset behind the Sikal training method. The videos and articles are updated twice a month and old items are preserved in our archives - always accessible through the "Archives" section of the discussion forum.

In short, the Member Site is a wealth of useful reference material. Sikal students and practitioners will find it very useful for furthering their knowledge and understanding of Sikal. Others will also find interesting things - people interested in Sikal can learn more about it, martial artists of any background will find useful information as well since all of our Gurus and many of our members have trained in other martial arts.

Other topics discussed are not directly related to the classical perception of martial arts training but are tangential and of interest to many people in the martial arts community. These topics include things like firearms training, primitive living skills and tracking. The Sikal community is blessed to have experts from these fields in our ranks so, within our tribe, we have access to a great wealth of information on a wide variety of topics.


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